I recently finished a 3-month residency at Kunstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin. The below paragraphs describe projects I am currently working on started in Berlin.

You Destroy Every Special Thing I Make  “You destroy every special thing I make”. This was something my younger son said to the older, and became the starting point for the ongoing project entitled 'You Destroy Every Special Thing I Make . For this project I have made, and continue to make a collection of objects-wooden blocks and canvas pieces-that are constantly being shuffled into new constructions. After completion I record the destruction of each piece. Sometimes my children help to dismantle the assemblages in a variety of ways. The piece is evolving as a series of photographs of the constructions, installation of the blocks and canvas pieces, and ultimately an accompanying video collecting all of the destruction footage. 

 Collection/Agency This project is a collaboration with my brother Neil Fauerso who is a cultural critic and poet. The project is interested in the intersections between collecting and power and the ways that collections canonize and organize history, culture and nature. The piece assembles an ongoing collection of collections that draw from current and historical sources.