There are many themes present in my exhibition ‘Teardowns’.  They are personal, political, and integrally connected to my experiences. The show was an amazing collaborative endeavor that included the voices and performances of artists throughout the community. The images in the show depict multiple ideas, including the nature of impermanence, the inherent instability of all things, the creative power of destruction, the place of women and women’s bodies in the history of western art, the larger suppression of women’s voices and stories, my own story as a woman, mother, and breast cancer survivor, and the current state of politics in this country.  


The imagery in the exhibition is specific and intensively researched. It includes French scenic wallpaper from the 1830’s depicting the American revolution, portraits of important women scientists whose research was coopted or ignored such as Lise Meitner and Esther Letterberg, portraits of artists and political figures, images that reference American genre painting, and many depictions of my own body.